Long time no talk...

Hello hello!

First off, it's already March and I haven't posted in 2019 yet! So much has been on my mind lately (finding a summer internship, school work, dating - haha) I've been neglecting what I love which is blogging! 

Not going to lie, working fashion week is fun but also crazy as hell. It's all glam from the outside but behind the scenes, people are running everything, materials are being wasted, and people aren't treating each other that nicely. So many girls love the glitz and glam but is it worth all the wasted materials (food, paper, clothes)? 

I've lost my love for working directly with the fashion industry (fast/ unethical fashion mainly) - so I've been trying to find a summer internship relating to tech!!! But all my experience has been limited to fashion!

Do you guys have any tips for interviews, applying to jobs, and finding UX/UI, product management, or design strategy internships?

But honestly, at least I found which industry I'm passionate about - Design strategy and product management! Are any of you guys working in that field? LET ME KNOW! 

Check out my website to see the projects I've been working on! 

Anywayyyy, here are pics of me from a photoshoot I did with a friend for her jewelry line! 

Stay tuned for a better posting schedule! Going to Miami tomorrow ;))) Gotta get my tan back!



  1. Nice to know what's going on after fashion week, I wouldn't like the wasted things too though I really want to witness it at least once in my life haha. I work in IT since I graduated from uni, blogging is just a hobby for me as I consider IT as my career. It's nice to hear you know what you want to do in your life. I suggest you have to equip yourself with knowledge about what you want to do, all the technical and practical stuff. Look for opportunities anywhere and hold on to it 'til you get it. I hope I make sense.

  2. I personally don't work in UX Design, but I have a few friends who do and from what I hear, you get paid pretty well! It seems like a neat field to be in and I would definitely be interested in doing it, if I weren't doing blogging full time. :) I think you need to go to school and have a background in UX Design first then apply for jobs.


    1. That's great to hear, thanks! Definitely working on a portfolio right now :)

  3. The photos look amazing!

    I work in tech but not in product management or design specifically. Your work on your website looks great! I think it might help to put together some mockups of how you'd redesign an app/website to show that you have UX experience, but otherwise don't be afraid to apply to a bunch of places. It might also help if you know people who work at tech companies and ask them if they are hiring any interns since sometimes companies won't put up a public listing for these roles. Good luck!

    Mai //

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I agree. Gotta put myself out there


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